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Be confident of authentic, irrefutable communications and prevent email data loss by creating a secure community. Leverage real-time status updates for full visibility into your workflow.

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All your communications needs in one tool. Be more productive with built-in functionality, such as E-Signature, E-Approvals, and E-Forms. Take control of your email workflow with Message Recall, deadlines, reminders, and simplified large file transfer


Used by more than 10,000 organizations worldwide, Cirius is the trusted thought leader in email security and facilitating regulatory compliance. Powered by 10 patents and stress-tested by KPMG, you can trust Cirius to keep your communications safe.

Simplify, secure, and expedite the burdensome elements of your online collaboration.

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10 Patents


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As we work to make the world of online collaboration safe, Wilson embodies what we stand for as an organization. You can always depend on Wilson to be available—anytime, anywhere—to help you simplify, secure, and expedite your email communications.

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