We are Cirius

Be collaborative. Be productive. Be secure. At Cirius, we simplify, secure, and expedite the burdensome elements of online collaboration and communication.


A world where it's safe to
collaborate online


To transform any organization’s current
email into a secure productivity and
collaboration tool.


We are Wilson

Wilson is our MVP and embodies what we want to stand for as a team. That’s why you won’t see any executive profiles here. After all, it’s not about us; it’s all about serving you.


What Would Wilson Do?

  • W
    Wilson - Just like Wilson, always be there
  • I
    Integrity - Do the right thing, every time
  • L
    Legend - Your legacy is built one action at a time
  • S
    Secure - You are the foundation of our safety and security
  • O
    Open - Be open to new ideas and feedback
  • N
    Natural - Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler

Want to see Wilson in action?

Product guy? Customer service rep? Engineer? No one really knows
all we can really say is he is there, waiting for you, ready to help.

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Be collaborative. Be productive. Be secure.