Cirius simplifies your communication and makes it safe

Cirius is used in virtually every industry by 10,000+ organizations and 5 million+ users.

Cirius works right inside Office 365, Gmail, and Outlook. Cirius is used to:

• Control messages pre- and post-delivery via our patented Delivery Slip technology
• Share large files, as well as request E-Approvals and E-Signatures
• Support workflow automation with secure E-Forms, E-Campaigns, and E-Statements
• Support regulatory compliance, E-Audit, and discovery efforts

Cirius simplifies, secures, and expedites the burdensome elements of online collaboration and communication.

What you can do

E-Mail - Secure and turbocharge your e-mail

Cirius transforms your email (O365, Outlook, Exchange) into a secure community for both internal and external recipients. With our patented Delivery Slip technology, you get real-time updates and enjoy ultimate control over your message, both before and after you send.

E-Share - Share large files up to 5GB

Have you ever tried to send a large attachment to no avail? Or question if attaching a file to your email is the safest way to share the information? Securely share any type of file or attachment, up to 5 GB within your email. That is the same size as a feature-length film!

E-Approvals & E-Signatures - Request secure E-Approvals and E-Signatures

Collect approvals and legally-binding signatures on a secure and timely basis. You can request approval/signature of any document, PDF, video or photo. “On the line” signatures are supported, as well as the ability to integrate e-signing capabilities into pre-existing workflow, web, mobile and hosted applications.

E-Discovery & E-Audit - Simplify compliance, audit and legal hold processes

Protect your sensitive information and ensure compliance with a comprehensive, authenticated, non-repudiable audit trail. Trust that your information has not been tampered with. Cirius adds a date stamp and assigns a unique transaction number to every action on your email and document. Discovery and audit have never been easier.

E-Workflow - Automate your e-mail based workflows

Streamline your manual and paper-based processes. Cirius automates everyday workflows, whether you are approving expense reports or creating elaborate workflows for product recalls. Cirius ensures the right people get the right content, at the right time, while tracking progress and keeping you informed every step of the way.

E-Everywhere - Works anywhere, anytime, on any device

Your online security is only as powerful as the places you take it. Cirius allows you to securely send, receive, track and control email communication on any device, including your smartphone or tablet, simply and effectively. Whether you are checking email at home, at work, or on the go, Cirius has the flexibility to support your personal work style.

E-Forms - Collect sensitive data with secure web forms

Overcome the growing reluctance to share sensitive information online. Our platform easily converts any existing form into one that protects its data. Instill confidence that sharing information with you is safe so that you can easily get the data you need to do your job.

E-Campaigns - Run secure e-mail campaigns

Add visibility and security on email campaigns to thousands of recipients, all at once, with full tracking and E-Signature support. Product recalls or urgent mass mailers that require a confirmation receipt? Just hit “Send Secure” and let Cirius take control.

E-Forms - Collect sensitive data with secure web forms

E-Forms are common in today’s digital world, yet people are increasingly reluctant to share information electronically. Sensitive data can be leaked or lost; systems can be exposed to malware, spoofing, and phishing. These vulnerabilities can lead to the loss of data or unauthorized disclosure of personal information, resulting in costly fines and damaging your reputation.

With Cirius, you can easily convert any existing form into a secure and trackable E-Form. Safely and confidently collect and send data with secure E-Forms.

Who uses it - Industries

Stay compliant

Compliance is critical for companies in industries such as healthcare and finance. Ensure compliance with jurisdiction-specific data privacy and protection rules while securing sensitive company and customer data. Cirius makes it simple to securely communicate private information and stay compliant.


Healthcare providers use Cirius to safely leverage the potential of electronic health records (EHR), meet patient demands for greater protection of their information, and facilitate compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

EHR are an integral component in delivering a superior patient/provider experience. Email is the preferred choice for exchanging EHR quickly and efficiently among healthcare organizations. With Cirius, you can ensure that only authorized personnel access protected information, monitor communication activity, and confirm document authenticity.

To learn more about digital security and HIPPA’s impact on your email policy and security (The Privacy Rule and the Security Rule), click below.

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