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When AppRiver needed a simple-to-use cloud solution for email and file sharing that enabled its 47,000 customers to send, track and receive secure email and attachments on any device, anytime, anywhere, they got Cirius.


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About AppRiver

AppRiver is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider offering award-winning email and web security solutions to businesses of all sizes, across a wide range of industries – from manufacturing to medical offices to law firms to retail. Understanding the need to protect networks from today’s increasingly complex IT threats, AppRiver offers businesses a comprehensive, yet affordable subscription-based solution that incorporates the latest spam and virus protection, email encryption and web security on the market. In addition, the company provides a complete managed service for Microsoft Exchange, as well as a bundled Office 365 solution.

Since its inception in 2002, AppRiver has sustained an impressive 93% customer retention rate while growing its customer base to more than 47,000 companies and over 8.5 million mailboxes worldwide. The company maintains offices in Gulf Breeze, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; Austin, Texas; and Northport, New York. The company’s EMEA headquarters is located in Lupfig, Switzerland.

“It’s rare to find a strategic partner that’s a great fit in terms of both technology and culture, but that’s certainly been our experience with Cirius.”

Michael Murdoch, President & CEO of AppRiver

“The Secure Corporate Messaging Platform was a winner with partners and customers from the start and Cirius has continued to make it even more feature-rich and user friendly. They’ve made it incredibly easy for us to make our customers incredibly happy.”
Michael Murdoch, President & CEO of AppRiver


The Cirius solution

There are several aspects to Cirius’ solution that set it apart from the other encryption vendors. The Cirius Secure Corporate Messaging Platform is completely platform-agnostic – it doesn’t matter which email system you’re running, whether it is cloud-based or client-side, or whether you use email on a PC, Mac, tablet, iPhone or smart phone. It simply works wherever email works.

Through initial tests, we learned that the Cirius was easy to provision, often getting new customers up and running within a matter of hours. Cirius’ offering also came with several additional features that upped its value, such as delivery slips that allowed for instant tracking of who sent what to whom, when they opened it and what they did with it. It could also handle large file attachments for both email and archiving, and offered important data loss protection capabilities such as archiving of encrypted messages as part of the standard platform.

In a nutshell, the Cirius system offered loads of value to AppRiver’s customers, while also ensuring broad adoption thanks to its easy to use, platform-independent architecture. For a company like AppRiver, this meant more sales, quicker deployments and less support costs.

“Cirius just understands channel sales. When it comes to provisioning and billing everything is automated via API’s.”
David Liberatore, Senior Director of Technical Product Management




AppRiver’s CipherPost Pro

When AppRiver first started offering encryption services to its customers, the company knew its customers needed a solution that would be widely adopted by users and easy to manage by admins.

CipherPost Pro (based on the Cirius secure corporate messaging platform) is a simple-to-use cloud solution for email and file sharing that enables users to send, track and receive secure email and attachments on any device, anytime, anywhere. Seamlessly integrating with any email infrastructure, CipherPost Pro requires no hardware or software installation. Internal and external recipients do not need any plug-ins or other software to view encrypted messages.



AppRiver’s initial rollout of CipherPost Pro targeted existing customers who were either switching over from the old encryption offering or who never quite committed to it in the first place. The new solution quickly gained wider acceptance in this market, and has gone on to contribute to a strong uptake in new customer acquisition as well, thanks to its many differentiating features and attractive price point.

Today AppRiver is working with Cirius to increase integration with AppRiver’s back-office sales and provisioning systems. It is also adding more encryption control to its customer portal, including access to usage data so AppRiver customers can keep a close watch on how their employees are using encryption. This is all part of a focus on driving adoption by driving ease of use and relevance.

“Service providers like AppRiver are so important to the way we do business. We look to partners to keep us close to the market, and to help guide new product development efforts.”

Thierry LeVasseur, Cirius CEO

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