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Add 50% Gross Profit to Every Office 365 or Hosted Email Sale

Not only is Cirius Secure Messaging the best solution for secure email and file sharing, it provides a profitable way for our partners to win more business without increasing the cost of a sale or lengthening the sales cycle. Partner with us to access a new, sizable market opportunity by offering secure email encryption and file sharing to a growing share of Office 365 and other hosted email customers.

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Grow with the Market
According to Gartner, Cloud-based email is expected to grow up to 30% per year through 2022, to almost 700 million users. Cirius offers a simple, effective way to tap into that growth.

Meet Customer Demand
Organizations require email security that complies with industry regulations and meet new requirements, such as ensuring privacy, securing mobile devices and permitting secure messaging and file sharing with external parties. Cirius makes it easy for partners to meet these needs.


Drive Higher Profit and Recurring Revenue
Move from selling on-premises gateway appliances that offer one-time, low-margin revenues to a simplified cloud-based solution with high margins, low churn and incremental revenue streams.

Keep it Simple
Our expedient installation requires no on-premises hardware or transfer of MX records.


Plug and Play
Automate provisioning and billing into any third-party application using the partner-specific Cloud Command Center (CCC) and rest-based API.

Offer New Value-Added Services
The Cirius Messaging API creates new opportunities to integrate Cirius private messaging and file sharing into third party cloud and on-premises applications.


Cloud Command Center: Comprehensive Customer Data at Your Fingertips
The one-of-its-kind Cloud Command Center (CCC) acts as a central hub that connects partners to all of their customer data through a unified dashboard interface. Here partners can provision, bill, manage and report on all of their customers easily. Because Cirius supports jurisdiction, users simply select a data center from their list and authenticate at the portal level. New customers can be added in less than a minute and their settings are easily configurable to fit a variety needs.

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