cirius data loss prevention®

The Evolution of Data Loss Prevention in the Cloud.

Deploys in minutes with Patented Messaging Controls.

Cirius DLP eliminates the pain of limited and inflexible data loss prevention solutions. Organizations no longer have to install a gateway that disrupts their email network causing complex, expensive and inflexible deployments. It’s ideal for SMBs needing a dead simple deployment as well as for enterprises struggling to manage the complexity of hundreds of business units and domains operating under a variety of DLP policies and email programs (e.g. mix of on-prem and hosted email). Cirius DLP is the only DLP solution that can be deployed easily through an email plugin with an optional multi-tenanted gateway that does not disrupt your network architecture.

Cirius DLP is also the only DLP solution that pairs content filtering with unique Pre and Post-send controls such as ‘For Your Eyes Only’ (F.Y.E.O.) password protection, Forward and Reply Freeze and true message recall. The evolution of DLP is both easier to deploy and more robust in its ability to prevent human error from causing a breach of confidential information.

Policy-based Encryption/Content Filtering
Full inbound and outbound content scanning (e.g. keywords, regex, lexicons) includes subject line, message body and attachments to encrypt, block, or route based on policies.
Simple deployment
Deploys in minutes through a Microsoft Outlook plugin or Office 365 web app with an optional multi-tenanted gateway that can be simply "turned on" for customers.
Optional Multi-Tenant Gateway
Supports enterprise volume messaging, high availability, complex policy and routing requirements.
Unique Pre-Send and Post-Send controls
'For Your Eyes Only' (F.Y.E.O.) password protection, Forward and Reply Freeze and message recall gives greater message control and ability to fix a mistake after it has happened.
API integration
API Integration with Microsoft Exchange 2013 Exchange DLP and Exchange, Office 365 Criteria-based Routing and Google Apps.
Supports 'Bring Your Own Device' (BYOD) Policies
DLP protection includes messages and attachments sent from mobile and tablet devices by internal and external users.
Hide staff email addresses
Force external recipients to use the secure portal by hiding staff email addresses so they cannot email staff directly via unsecure email.
Multiple ways to initiate a secure message
Users can either click 'Send Secure' or put #secure in the 'Subject line' to send a secure message and provision a guest user.


Download the cirius dlp® infosheet:

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