Delivery Slip Guide

The Delivery Slip is an advanced message tracking and control panel for senders and recipients. It enables users to track and prove when an email is received, read, replied to, or forwarded. Messages can be recalled, even after being read, and senders are able to control whether messages can be forwarded.

The Delivery Slip is embedded to the right of every secure message that uses your existing email. The secure email portal is branded and encrypted for your organization.

Prevent unauthorized use with unique message controls including password-protecting messages and their attachments for added security.
Share files up to 5GB securely from any device, regardless of other limits in place.
Securely request legally binding e-signatures on documents and images.
Monitor messages in real-time and receive (and share) provable notification of delivery and open times.

View real-time message notifications and granular message tracking, including who opened the message, if it has been responded to or forwarded, and more.
Review detailed message information, including which security policies the sender enabled.
Securely download large files regardless of any restrictions imposed by your email provider.
Provide a legal e-signature on documents right from the Delivery Slip in seconds simply by opening the file and typing your name.
Enable and simplify e-discovery and archiving (and retrieval) with a unique message ID on every message; be notified of whether the message is being monitored and if you have access to the details.