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Cirius Secure E-Signature

Cirius Secure E-Signature

The Easiest, Most Secure Way to Electronically Sign, Exchange, and Protect Digitally-Approved Documents

Cirius’s secure e-signature feature makes it convenient for users to request and provide e-signatures on documents and images directly within their email client, saving substantial time and money. Unlike other e-signature solutions, Secure Messaging protects sensitive information by authenticating users and securing e-signed documents throughout transmission and storage, ensuring data integrity and regulatory compliance. Built right into the Cirius Secure Messaging solution, there’s no extra cost and no complex integration. You simply start using it.

Using a pen to sign a physical receipt or contract is fast becoming obsolete. Enterprises' efforts to digitize transactional processes are driving the transition to electronic signatures, an undertaking now eased by the software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model.

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Why You Need Secure E-Signature

Users need more than the traditional e-signature capability; they also require full, verifiable document security to protect their information and to comply with e-signature legislation, regulatory requirements, and organizational policies. In the past, this required additional encryption, which also meant added cost and integration hassles.

Now with the secure e-signature feature in the Secure Messaging Suite, Cirius offers the only solution to solve all of these problems by providing the required security and convenience users need, including:

  • Encryption for messages and documents in transit
  • Secure authentication of signers
  • Secure and compliant document storage
  • Rapid installation (in minutes)
  • Mobile enabled (sign on the fly from anywhere!)
  • Automatic mobile and desktop tracking and alerts when documents are signed
  • A single solution with no additional, complex security layers

Because the secure e-signature solution is integrated right into the Cirius Secure Messaging Suite, it is easy for users to:

  • Create, sign, and send secure documents within email clients such as Microsoft's Outlook and Office 365 OWA, and Gmail
  • Track and control their signed messages and documents
  • Receive automatic alerts when documents are signed

Best of all, the secure e-signature feature is provided at no additional cost as part of Cirius’s single-price subscription model, saving hundreds of dollars per user annually over costly stand-alone programs.

Are e-signature documents at risk? Yes!

Traditional e-signature solutions are not secure, putting your documents and private information at risk; and risking regulatory compliance. Find out why, and how to protect yourself in our new white paper, Best Practices in Securing E-Signature Documents.

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Best Practices in Securing E-Signature Documents

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Secure E-Signature Key Features:


Fully Integrated Document Security
Unlike other products that send unsecured email with plain text links that can be intercepted and falsely signed, Secure Messaging encrypts every message and any attachments and requires every user to be authenticated in order to e-sign files.

Simple to Send
Documents are sent and signed within Office 365 and other email clients, facilitating adoption and use. Sending, encrypting, and protecting documents and confidential information is as easy as clicking "Send Secure."


Simple to Sign
With the simple “click-to-acknowledge” process, required signatories only need to type their name into the e-signature certificate field and then click to acknowledge their signature.

Integrated Real-Time Signing and Tracking Alerts
Senders receive real-time notifications of e-signatures and can track when messages are opened, documents are downloaded, etc., right in their email client.


E-Signature Non-Repudiation
Every user is fully authenticated in the Secure Messaging portal, and document tracking and e-signing data are appended to the document, ensuring authenticity of the signatory.

Total Message Control
Because it’s integrated right into Cirius’s Secure Messaging platform, all message control features, including Forward Freeze™, Reply Freeze™, FYEO (For Your Eyes Only) and even total recall, can be applied to messages and documents.


Selectable Data Residency
Unlike other services that host unencrypted documents in a public cloud, Cirius allows organizations to choose data residency to ensure regulatory compliance.

Support for Large Files and Various File Types
Validate large documents such as complex PDFs as well as other file and media types, including x-rays.


Branded to Sender
Emails sent from Secure Messaging are branded to the sender’s organization, eliminating confusion about who owns and who sent the information.

Full Mobile App Functionality
Attachments can be sent, signed and tracked through Cirius’s existing mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows 10 and Blackberry 10.


SSO Integration
Secure Messaging integrates with existing SSO (single sign-on) deployments (including SAML 2.0 or OAuth 2.0) for comprehensive enterprise-level security of signed files.

“The use of e-signature software or services can greatly improve operational efficiencies, help drive new business and create a more convenient experience for signers.”


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