Protect your sensitive financial information

In any business, email is a vital tool for communication and collaboration: A marketer emails promotions to customers, an accountant emails accounting reports to a controller, and a CFO emails a financial report to investors. Email communication has become an important means of circulating financial information, yet it also remains vulnerable and exploitable. Email’s many vulnerabilities—malware, phishing attacks, unauthorized access–create the risk of unauthorized disclosure, corruption, or loss of financial information.


SOX Compliance

  • Identify and protect financial information against unauthorized access, transmission or disclosure.
  • Authenticate individual message senders and intended recipients.
  • Audit and retrieve messages as needed by auditors and compliance officers.

Increase productivity and maintain workflow

  • All actions taken on a message are always visible.
  • Large files can be sent fully encrypted and without size limitations.
  • Whether you are at home, in the office, on an unsecure network at the airport or on the move, you can always send secure messages on your pc, tablet or smartphone.

Data leak prevention and archiving

  • Use content filtering, authentication and permission rules to limit transmission of sensitive information within and outside the organization.
  • Decrypt and archive messages with all metadata to ensure message authenticity.
  • Ensure that data remains confidential and secure between the message sender and the intended recipient, preventing unauthorized access or loss.

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