Protect your patients’ sensitive information

Email’s expediency is not without vulnerability. Data can be leaked or lost through a variety of means from malware to phishing to user-error. For healthcare organizations, this can mean the loss or unauthorized disclosure of patient medical files or other patient information exchanged via email. As email is the premiere choice for exchanging patient information, HIPAA’s aim to secure patient data underscores the need for healthcare organizations to secure their email communications.


HIPAA Compliance

  • Ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all protected health information you create, receive, maintain or transmit.
  • Make all email traffic easily searchable for compliance auditors to evaluate.
  • Prevent data leaks using enhanced security features like content filtering, permission rules and authentication to prevent transmission of sensitive information.

Improve your workflow

  • Secure messaging integrates seamlessly with any email platform.
  • Eliminates size limitations for secure file transfer, enabling transmission of medical scans (X-rays) and other large files.
  • Enables secure web forms for capturing information directly from your website such as doctor consultations via email, insurance claims.

Provide better customer service

  • Streamline and reduce cost of billing and invoicing by sending secure invoices.
  • Expedite claim processes by accepting and responding via email.
  • Let patients use email to request consultation and schedule appointments before visiting a physician.

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