The closing argument in secure communication

While secure messaging will soon be required by all of your existing and potential new clients, keep in mind that not all secure messaging is the same. There are vast differences in functionality and end user experience that impact clients. Using a solution like Secure Messaging that has a unique array of patented features enables firms to differentiate themselves as a potential legal partner.


Improve Client Service

  • Protect the confidentiality and privacy of client’s information.
  • Increase transparency, you and the client know what happens to the information.
  • Branded to your business, the customers’ trusted legal service provider.

eDiscovery and archiving

  • Automatically decrypt secure messages into an archiving solution.
  • Reduce the risk for compliance fines due to improper record retention.
  • Properly retain and retrieve secure messages in the event of litigation or an audit.

Higher productivity and security

  • Know exactly when any action has been taken on a message and advance workflows.
  • Send large files, fully encrypted, without limitations (e.g. 20GB files).
  • Send secure messages from the office, at home, at the airport on an unsecure network or while on the move via a mobile or tablet.

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