Secure Corporate Messaging

Cirius. The Secure Corporate Messaging Platform.

cirius messaging®

Securely send, receive,
and track corporate
messages on any device,
anytime and anywhere.

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cirius dlp®

Provide enhanced email
security to prevent data
leaks and protect
sensitive information.

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cirius file transfer®

Send and receive any size
file attachments via email
without taxing the network
or the mail server.

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Product highlights

Seamless integration


Cirius business opportunities for…


Deepen customer retention and make security
accessible with a fully rebrandable and highly integrated
secure messaging platform.


Expand offerings by integrating the secure
corporate messaging platform in other
cloud-based service solutions.


Recurring revenue stream and higher margins
in the most profitable technology sectors today: secure
messaging and regulatory compliance.


Meet industry regulations and increased
demand for electronic communication in
healthcare by deploying secure messaging.

Channel benefits

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Cirius is a fast-growing team of security professionals driven to make corporate secure messaging easier and more accessible for all companies.

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