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Cloud-Based Email Encryption, Secure File Sharing and Advanced Message Control

Your organization needs a secure, yet simple way to share private information with internal associates, partners, customers or patients, and Cirius delivers it. Cirius Secure Messaging protects and secures communications through a powerful combination of advanced email encryption, secure file transfer and advanced message control. The solution makes it easy for users to share messages and files securely on any device, while maintaining regulatory compliance, safeguarding proprietary data and controlling email activities.

Cirius Messaging: Key Features


Email Encryption
Send, receive and track corporate email securely on any device, including smart phones and tablets, with full desktop-level encryption.

Secure Large File Transfer
Share large files up to 5 GBs quickly and know in real time when and how information was received. Large files sent through Cirius will not clog recipients’ inboxes and are unaffected by email bandwidth limitations.


Delivery Slip
Embeds in Outlook, Office 365 OWA or other email clients to provide detailed, real-time tracking and notifications of emails with 100% accuracy.

Advanced Message Control
Control emails via patented functionality such as ForwardFreeze, ReplyFreeze, FYEO (For Your Eyes Only) and full message recall.


Secure Web Forms and API
Receive and manage information from outside parties sent through web form fields. Plus, integrate secure messaging capabilities into third-party apps such as CRM, financial and emergency health record systems with our Secure Messaging API.

How Can You Use Cirius?

Organizations of all sizes use Cirius Messaging to improve, secure and track their internal, business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) communications. How could your organization use Cirius Messaging?

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Cirius Messaging: Key Benefits


Send Private Emails to Anyone
Send fully secure emails to internal employees, partners, customers, patients — anyone, without requiring them to download special software.


Encrypt and Send in One Click
Never leave your inbox to encrypt a message. Simply hit send to secure your emails and stay compliant.


Securely Share Large Files without Clogging Your Inbox
Email files up to 5GB quickly, bypass pre-set file size limitations and know instantly when a file is accessed or shared.


Experience Anxiety-Free BYOD
Allow users to share messages on mobile devices without compromising security or data integrity.


Know the Who, When and What of Your Email
Receive real-time message tracking and notifications with 100% accuracy. Know when an email was received, read, answered, forwarded, deleted or printed and who took the action.



Hit Send without a Second Thought
Protect and control extra-sensitive messages with ForwardFreeze, ReplyFreeze, and FYEO (For Your Eyes Only). Recall messages and their attachments (even if already opened) or set a message expiration date.


Send Secure Information from any Web Page or Cloud-based App
With the Cirius Messaging API you can integrate secure sharing into almost any web-based app or web page as a secure web form to protect data.


Take It Easy: Deployment Is a Snap
Not an IT expert? No problem. We install the solution for you in minutes, with no extra hardware or MX records to transfer.


Rest Assured When It Comes to Compliance
Maintain data privacy and comply with regulations through the Cirius’ advanced encryption capabilities, extensive controls and unique secure architecture.


Budget with Confidence
Our single-price subscription includes all of the solution’s features, plus new functionality that is updated quarterly.

Why Choose Cirius to Secure Your Existing Cloud-Based Email?

Cirius Messaging is the perfect complement for cloud-based email applications such as Microsoft Office 365 because Cirius enables users to:

  • Remain within Outlook when sending encrypted messages.
  • Go beyond encryption to control who can receive emails, what actions they can take and where messages can be sent.
  • Add an additional password for extra-sensitive content.
  • Support e-discovery and archiving without using encryption keys.
  • Select the jurisdiction and data center for files stored outside a user’s inbox.
  • Store encrypted messages in a separate data center from archiving platforms, ensuring extra protection in the event the archiving solution is compromised.
  • Send large files rapidly without slowing workflow.

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