Solutions: How Organizations Use Cirius

At Cirius, we recognize that each organization’s needs are unique. So, regardless of your organization’s size, application, industry or need, Cirius provides a safe way for you to transmit sensitive data privately, send large files quickly and track messages easily.


Whether you’re an executive sending secure documents, an HR team providing confidential information, or a marketing professional sharing product updates with customers, Cirius offers secure messaging and productivity capabilities for you and a variety of other departments and uses. Find out how we can help simplify, secure and control your communications without impeding your workflow.


Streamline, secure and track facility management communications and agreements, and improve communications with vendors.

  • Example Use Cases:
    • Facilities and vendor negotiations
    • Lease agreements
    • Facilities contracts and agreements

Finance / Accounting

Manage security in your department’s internal and external communications and receive real-time visibility and full control of messages with the unique Cirius Delivery Slip and advanced message control features.

  • Example Use Cases:
    • Invoices
    • Budgets
    • Auditing/communications with partners
    • Affiliates
    • Sending confidential financial information
    • Records


Protect valuable intellectual property and engineering processes by sending information privately to associates within your department, customers and partners. Plus, share files up to 5GB securely and quickly, eliminating the need for encrypted media drives and FTP transfers.

  • Example Use Cases:
    • Product requirements
    • Engineering specifications
    • Customer requirements and acceptance
    • Consulting agreements
    • Product schedule updates
    • Product planning
    • Statements of work
    • Patent applications
    • Trade secret documentation
    • Defective product conversations
    • Outsourcing inquiries/workflow

Human Resources

Secure and track key human resources functions, including hiring, onboarding and performance management processes. Maintain employee confidentiality throughout the organization.

  • Example Use Cases:
    • Employee policies
    • New hires
    • Contractor communications
    • Separation agreements
    • Salary/compensation information
    • Employee evaluations
    • Letters of offer
    • Internal disciplinary proceedings
    • Claims/disputes


Maintain full confidentiality in legal communications and document sharing. Track the status of messages easily with the Cirius Delivery Slip.

  • Example Use Cases:
    • NDAs
    • Contracts and agreements
    • Board minutes
    • Policy updates
    • Confidential information/legal opinions
    • eDiscovery (email archive integration capabilities)
    • Reporting requirements
    • Compliance reporting


Preserve critical IT information and protect the organization from potential breaches of systems and account information.

  • Example Use Cases:
    • System changes
    • System specifications
    • Account information
    • IT policies
    • Security alerts and updates
    • Password resets
    • Reports on critical infrastructure/severity/outages/etc.
    • Requests for eDiscovery content


Share marketing plans, documents, schedules, budgets, updates and more confidently with customers, contractors and vendors.

  • Example Use Cases:
    • Marketing contracts and agreements
    • Marketing plans
    • Customer communications
    • Partner communications and document sharing
    • Designs and images
    • Training
    • Launch planning
    • Share large files such as graphic design documents, website code, etc.


Share information securely and privately for business operations functions that include budgeting, investor information and contracts.

  • Example Use Cases:
    • Operating plans and budgets
    • Company and investor updates
    • Contracts and agreements

Product Management

Speed up and secure the delivery of new products and enhancements and share product plans and updates with customers. Easily track and recall information sent to anyone.

  • Example Use Cases:
    • Product requirements
    • Product roadmaps
    • Product releases
    • Code reviews
    • Customer communications/updates
    • Product updates
    • Product recalls


Manage how you communicate and share information with your supplier, and better manage your contract processes securely through your browser or email client.

  • Example Use Cases:
    • Statements of work
    • Agreements
    • Contracts
    • Purchase orders
    • Specifications
    • RFP management

Investor Relations / Executive Communication

Maintain reporting and information compliance by securing sensitive financial and company information.

  • Example Use Cases:
    • Reporting
    • Financial/earnings updates
    • Investor communications
    • Mergers and acquisitions


Close deals faster and maintain company confidentiality with the capability to share emails and files with prospects, customers and partners securely. Get full visibility and control of communications through the Delivery Slip and advanced message control.

  • Example Use Cases:
    • Partner agreements
    • Sales quotes and orders
    • Integration with CRM (Cirius Messaging API integrates secure messaging and file sharing into any CRM application)


Share information with your customers privately and track message receipts easily in your email client or browser.

  • Example Use Cases:
    • Customer account provisioning
    • Customer notifications
    • Product updates

Administration (PAs, EAs, etc.)

Maximize the utility of your business email by ensuring timely responses to requests and sharing information too large to deliver over SMTP, while maintaining executive confidentiality.

  • Example Use Cases:
    • Organizing executive travel/relocation (sharing passport documents, etc.)
    • Password management
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Organizations in industries such as healthcare and finance, or that work in specific geographies, need to fully secure company and customer data as well as comply with regulations spanning different locations and requirements. Cirius makes it simple to communicate private information and stay compliant.


Cirius secure messaging goes way beyond email to support your existing business processes as well as workflows in other applications. Whether you want to secure, share and track information from a specific cloud-based application or have others share files and information from a secure web form, Cirius delivers the tools and interfaces you need to do it easily and securely.


Cirius allows you to secure, track and control messages in Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Outlook and webmail clients such as Google Chrome OWA/Gmail. It also delivers native apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone 8 for use by internal and external users.

Cloud-Based Application Workflows

Do you have information you share from other applications with employees, partners or customers? Rather than exporting the information and sending it via insecure email, Cirius allows you to send it right from your application. The Cirius REST-based API integrates easily within any third-party system or application and delivers secure messaging features, secure e-statements and encrypt secure web forms that you can track, control and even recall.

Secure Web Information

Cirius can help you secure information from your website and secure web forms and integrate it into your existing workflow, saving you time and money. With the Cirius REST-based API, you can replace old workflows with secure web forms and then route the information automatically and securely into new workflows and systems.

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