Who is Wilson?

Product guy? Customer service rep? Engineer?
No one really knows, all we can really say is he is there, waiting for when you need him.


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Sasquatch? Bigfoot? Wilson may seem to be a mythical creature to some. Whether urban legend or urban dweller on the streets of Vancouver, to our customers, he is as real as any employee. We have him onboard because he represents us so well: relentless, undeterred, professional, ever learning and ever striving. He’s an insomniac, always thinking about how to make better products, with a better experience, safer for our users, etc.

Powered by sushi, craft beer, and Oregon Pinot’s (and yes, from time-to-time, a few choice forest creatures), Wilson is there to support our customers by phone, email, or tweet. He may not know the answer to every problem, but he’ll find it, no matter how long he has to take to track it down. And believe me, when he needs information, even from the engineering team, he has the means to get it.

There is a simplicity to this mysterious creature, and his unswerving commitment to product and customer. He’s an innovator, tenacious to solve a problem, and independent thinker. He dates back before the first encryption products, and even smoke signals (yes, he’s been around that long), but he defies industry convention with one resolve: to make the best user experience for DeliverySlip’ customers.

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