Secure all your communication

Make all your communication secure?

E-Mail Encryption E-Mail Security Suite Enterprise
Professional user license (e.g. per employee) $4.00 per user per month $8.00 per user per month Call – volume discount
Guest users unlimited unlimited unlimited
Email Encryption
Unique branded customer portal
Desktop, gateway-style, and mobile experience
Data Leak Prevention (DLP) integration (incl. Office 365 & Google G-Suite)
Regulatory compliance support (HIPPA, GLBA, SOX, PCI, Data privacy, call for others)
KPMG penetration tested
Microsoft Azure hosted
Secure Messaging with Delivery Slip
Real time tracking on all assets Read receipt
Delivery Slip Timeline (Audit)
User Email Signature
User Out of Office Automatic Replies
Biometric authentication on supported devices (iPhone)
Data jurisdiction data at-rest in your region (U.S. / Canada / E.U. / Asia)
Multilingual / Localised
Record retention management 1 year Unlimited Unlimited
Email address alias management (also works with SSO)
User password management
Secure message disclaimers management
Forensic audit reporting
‘Share Sent Items’ read rights / archive to CRM
Advanced PIN authentication
Secure email discovery / archive decrypted to multiple destinations
Isolated encrypted database storage, custom encryption salt & hashing
Custom URL / SSL certificate
Custom SMTP relay for outbound notifications: Personalised Mail Server
Hide email address of sender & subject lines
Secure Share File 50MB 5 GB 5 GB
File & document browser preview
Multi-file download (ZIP file)
Secure E-Approvals
Supports various file types (docs, images, etc.)
Secure Electronic Signatures
Sign-on-the-line & initials
Custom user E-Signature (upload, draw, etc.), create your own E-Signature
Biometric E-Signature on supported devices (iPhone)
Download original document
Document hashing (SHA2 256 / SHA2 512 / SHA3 256 / SHA3 512) & Audit
Secure Workflow
Real-time event & tracking notifications
Confidential classification
‘For Your Eyes Only’ classification
Reply freeze
Reply all freeze
Forward freeze
Download freeze
Print freeze
Recall (revoke access single-layer)
Total Recall (revoke access multi-layer, unshare attachments)
Approval deadline
Re-authenticated approvals
Knowledge based identity verification Call Call
Decline to approve
Content expiry / Self-destruct
Reminders (manual & automatic)
Download all attachments into zip file
Threaded message view
Custom labels / folders
Message, file and label sharing
Primetime dashboards / Activity mission control
QR coding / asset GUID traceability & auditing
Secure Web Forms Call Call
Form template library
Contact me secure user form
Secure Campaigns (Bulk Send)  Call  Call
Campaign APIs for custom campaign management
Automatic Campaign manager with tracking and audit
API integration
Office 365 Azure AD
Google G-Suite
Custom enterprise SSO integration (SAML 2.0, OAuth 2.0) including mobile
Domain based authentication routes (mixed mode)
Third-party Connectivity
Connect with AS-AV dashboard
Connect with Office 365 (Mail, Calendar, OneDrive)
Connect with Sharepoint
Connect with Google G Suite (Mail, Calendar, Drive)
Connect with Dropbox
Connect with Box
Connect with DocuSign
Connect with Adobe Sign
Connect with Intuit QuickBooks
Support & Administration
Online support & 1-hour response time L3 email support
Access to Knowledge Base, documentation and FAQs
Product upgrades
User Session Expiry Time
Forgot Password Expiry Time
Registration Code Expiry Time
By Invitation Only
Registration Security Level
User Remember Me
User Keep Me Logged In
Agree to EULA on Registration
Data Local Store (e.g. Outlook PST / Exchange/Gmail)
Webmail Sent Items Sync with Local Store
Custom Admin email address
Custom Admin support name
Custom Invite Message
Message Disclaimer (HTML & Plaintext)
Notification Email Footer
Custom EULA Link at Registration Stage w/o SSO
Enable/Disable/Custom Add-in Download Links
Custom templates
Custom User Groups
Activity throttle (user invites, messages, form submissions)
Software clients, add-ins, plugins & extensions
Crypto-gateway (gateway-style encryption for cloud/on-premise)
Support for Microsoft Exchange (hosted & on-premise) / Office 365
Support for Google Mail for Work & Gmail
Support for Zimbra, Yahoo mail, & other mail servers
Web App (thin client webmail, mobile-enabled & accessibility-compliant)
Microsoft Office add-in 2007-2016 / Office 365 (Win)
Mobile apps (iPhone & iPad, Android, WP 10)
Microsoft Office 365 OWA App
Microsoft Windows 10 Desktop App
Mac App
Google Chrome extension for OWA, Gmail, Zimbra, any webmail
Cloud Command Center / billing & provisioning API
Google Chrome extension for Intuit Quickbooks Online add-in (Beta)
Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-in (Beta)
Odin APS package

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